Registered Ship Agent

Technical Manager

The bond that unites me to the sea has very distant origins, this also thanks to a family with many sea miles on the shoulders! After obtaining a diploma as a technical engineer at the Nautical Technical Institute, I took the degree in Maritime Economics and Transport with a specialization in maritime and port management. After graduating I further investigated the yachting sector with the obtainment of the certificate of Tourist Port Operator and the title of Registered Ship Agent.



Food and Beverage Division

The food and beverage world represents an important part of my life. From an early age I have always been fascinated by this art! Yes! that's it! For me, cooking is an art and as such requires many sacrifices and dedication ! With over 10 years of experience as an executive chef, having participated in a TV specializing in gluten free, also collaborating with the company VIVA in creating a Gluten Free line for the German market, being awarded by Carlo Cracco as one of the best chefs in Italy in 2011 and with some experiences as a yacht chef, I can be a valid support in choosing the best products on the market.



Marketing Rappresentative

Russian native language.  Speak perfectly English and Italian.  Master degree in psychology. 

15 years live in Italy and 10 years spent on-board of motor yacht between 24 and 60 meters  like crew member( stew, chief stewardess and chef) Very good knowledges everything around interior and galley departments. Have really high organizational  and public relations skills.